The team contributing to this project and website

We are a group of scientists trained in disciplines such as research synthesis, statistics, ecology, evolutionary biology, ecotoxicology and analytical chemistry. We work together to create a reliable and comprehensive picture of existing and emerging research evidence on environmental impacts of PFAS chemicals. The core team members are presented below. Specific projects are done in collaboration with additional experts, who are presented within project pages.

Shinichi Nakagawa Shinichi Nakagawa

I am a Professor of Evolutionary Ecology and Synthesis at E&ERC and BEES, UNSW. Also, I was an ARC Future Fellow, an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and a Rutherford Discovery Fellow in the past. I was born in Nagano and brought up in Saitama, Japan. After turning 21, I had an urge to go overseas to try my luck. I did a BSc (Hons) at the University of Waikato, New Zealand (2003) and PhD at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (2007). After a brief postdoc period, I got a job as lecturer at the University of Otago (2008). In 2015, I moved to UNSW, Sydney.

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Malgorzata (Losia) Lagisz Malgorzata (Losia) Lagisz

I did my biology degrees (MSC and PhD) in Poland, held two postdoc positions in the UK (Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne), then moved to New Zealand, where I lived until moving to Australia in 2015. Since then I contributed to many research synthesis projects on various topics, from medical to environmental.

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Catharina Vendl Catharina Vendl

I completed a degree in veterinary science in Germany. I did my PhD at the UNSW Mammal Lab on the respiratory microbiota in whales and dolphins to develop a tool for non-invasive population health assessment. I joined the I-DEEL lab as research associate in May 2020.

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Lorenzo Ricolfi Lorenzo Ricolfi

I graduated with honours in Natural and Environmental Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome. Afterward, I completed a post-graduate and professional course in Environmental Pollution and Human Health at the University of Genoa. Simultaneously, I was flying to and from the south of Mozambique to work on an international project aiming at consolidating the capacities of decision-makers responsible for land planning and management of natural resources. I am currently a Ph.D. Student at the Inter-Disciplinary Ecology and Evolution Lab in the School of Biological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences at UNSW, working on Research Synthesis and Meta-research on the impacts of PFAS on humans and wildlife health.


Matthew J. Gibson Matthew J. Gibson

I am a researcher in machine learning with interests in computer vision, remote sensing and computational sustainability. I am also Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Vision and Machinel Learning Lab in School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW. I hold a B.Sc.(H1) in Mathematics from the University of Auckland and an M.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Sydney.

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More team members to follow